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Forest Meditation in the Sacred Mountains of Kyoto, Japan

Fushimi Inari is a complex of Shinto shrines, located on a mountain in Kyoto. Most tourists are drawn to Fushimi Inari by the long columns of torii gates (there are at least 10,000 on the mountain) or the foxes that they see in anime films, but miss out on what locals regard as Fushimi Inari’s treasures — its rock altars and sacred waterfall.

On this immersive virtual tour, join your Kyoto insider, Lee, who will guide you on an alternative Fushimi Inari adventure to learn about the shrine's 1,300-year-long history, old shamanistic and Shinto rituals as they are practiced today. Through video, you will enter a secret location to experience a sacred waterfall meditation together. You’ll learn how to do breathing meditation that you can experience without getting wet.

This experience is hosted online, using Zoom. You’ll need a mobile phone, desktop or tablet with Zoom installed. A link to a password-protected chatroom will be sent to you before the experience.

This online experience is available in Greenstories from 19 to 25 Mar 2021, 8 to 9.15pm Singapore Time. Please book at least 3 days ahead of the date that you would like to go on this experience.

If you want to join in the experience with friends and family who are in a different location, simply book more connections. Book all 6 slots for a completely private experience. Or email us: hello@yacademy.asia to arrange for alternative dates for group sessions, corporate or school events.

Minimum no. of participants to start: 1 pax
Maximum no. of participants: 6 pax

About Lee
Lee is a Singaporean and former documentary maker who moved to Japan 9 years ago to read Political Science at Waseda University in Tokyo. In university he fell in love with Japan's history, culture, onsen, and ramen. So he decided to stay on and moved to Kyoto, where he is now refurbishing a farmhouse in the mountains to transform it into a tearoom and guest house.


1. What do I need to participate?
You will need a device with a camera and microphone and Zoom installed, as well as a good internet connection.

2. Can more than 1 person participate?
Yes of course, as long as everyone can fit within your screen! You can get anyone present with you to join in, and they are welcomed to ask questions too. We ask that you mute your microphone if you have children around, so that others won’t be disturbed in this meditative session.

3. Can this be a private experience?
This is an interactive experience with quizzes and activities that families, schools, and corporate teams will love for birthdays, anniversaries, and team-building sessions. Groups of educators, psychologists, and teams from companies like Amazon, Facebook and Google have forest bathed with Lee. Email us: hello@yacademy.asia if you are looking at organising a private session for your school or company.

4. Is this broadcast live from Fushimi Inari?
No, this online experience is hosted from home. We have pre-recorded videos and other multimedia to immerse you in a virtual Fushimi Inari.

5. Will this be recorded? May I record it?
No. The Zoom chat will not be recorded, and participants will not be allowed to record for reasons of copyright and privacy.

6. What if I need to reschedule?
We apologise that this experience, once booked, cannot be rescheduled. However, you may pass the link to someone else, after you have informed us of the change in attendee.

7. How will I get the Zoom link?

IMPORTANT - Please input your email address so that we can send you the link before the event commences.